About arva

Our Vision

Today, ARVA is breaking new ground in providing rescue services to people on mountains. In the future, ARVA wants to continue on this path and become a model company which protects our planet against climate change, advancing in a progressive and honest way, with the aim of preserving the environment for future generations.

Our Mission

Is to develop equipment allowing for mountain rescue – innovating in a responsible and sustainable manner so that there is a positive impact on the environment, the climate and its field of play, being totally transparent with all stakeholders, and across the entire value chain.

For more than 30 years, ARVA has distinguished itself through first-rate snow safety equipment. The leading manufacturer of avalanche transceivers for the amateur enthusiast, today the brand offers a full raging of beacons, shovels, probes, backpacks, back protection, and accessories.

ARVA remains committed to customer service and quality, and continues to develop and manufacture all of its transceivers in France.


ARVA Experience

We’ve been designing avalanche safety devices and equipment for more than 35 years.

Seeking high performance and reliability, we’re focusing on innovation to bring the best devices matching your needs in the mountains. Working and collaborating with mountain rescuers, we jointly develop the new features that can save lives, such as the stand by function in our latest beacons.

Our Products

To create, produce and develop new ideas for the best backcountry products is an everyday challenge for the Arva team. Today ARVA show you full ranges of beacons, shovels, probes, backpacks, back protections and accessories.

Made in France

In a world where manufacturing gets more and more blurred, we don’t know anymore where the products we’re using daily are made and where they’ve been developed. We are proud that we have been developing and manufacturing our beacons in France. Achieving such a level of performance requires close collaboration between R&D, field testers, and production.

The proximity with our factories and ability to actively develop and work with technology make this possible. In addition to respecting the environment and working conditions, the essence is in the detail, and the quality of our safety products shows this.

1985 – 2020 : 35 Years of Safety on Snow

It has been 30 years since ARVA announced the release of its first avalanche transceiver, the ARVA 4000. At the time, the ski-touring market did not exist, skis were narrow underfoot and winter sports were not what they are today. Snow safety was already our passion, and the launch of this transceiver was the beginning of a long family story. 35 years later that passion is still intact, with a brand image dedicated to the perpetual search for innovation and quality.

Performance has improved, product categories have multiplied, and sales have been internationalized, but the spirit of the brand has remained consistent.

1985 : ARVA 4000

In 1985 ARVA introduced ARVA 4000, the first French beacon. Providing a range of twenty meters, this analog beacon had one antenna and no display screen, it was designed for and advanced user and it required training. Subsequently, beacon performance improved but the key progress was the development of the user interface

1998 : ARVA 9000

In 1998 we introduced the ARVA 9000 which marked a turning point. This new generation of beacons provided distance and direction indication as well as audible cues to make the search significantly simpler, this was the beginning of digital beacons. While this is a far cry from the efficient tools we use today, it was a big step toward the evolution of the modern beacon.

Arva 4000