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How to ensure quick success with an avalanche transceiver?

Carefully read the user’s manual. Familiarize yourself with the use of the ARVA transceiver before you enter the backcountry and practice in the field. Take an avalanche safety course. Do not hesitate to ask a mountain professional or a training center (ENSA, ANENA, CAF, FFME, FFS). Many ski resorts are equipped with an avalanche training park. Ask the local tourist office or ski patrol (training parks are compatible with all the transceivers on the market).

Does the battery power influence the unit performance?

For analog devices, the range is directly linked to battery power. Read the user’s manual carefully. For digital devices, the emitting power level and search range is independent of battery power until a battery reaches below a battery level recommended by the manufacturer. When your batteries reach below the lower limit, your beacon warns you with a visual and sound indication. On all our beacons, we warranty 100% emitting power until your batteries drop below 20%. IMPORTANT: do not use rechargeable batteries, because they have a sudden capacity loss. We recommend alkaline batteries that are provided with the unit (we recommend you carry 4 spare batteries).

Can I take an ARVA Reactor avalanche airbag with me on an airplane?

Yes, it is possible to travel with an ARVA Reactor avalanche airbag. However, you need to take a few precautions. Read through our detailed recommendations and guidelines by clicking HERE.

Is the airbag system interchangeable?

The airbag system inside an ARVA Reactor avalanche airbag backpack is the same for every pack model, size, and volume. You can therefore transfer the airbag system from one ARVA Reactor avalanche airbag backpack to another. This allows you to easily change pack volume or to replace a worn out pack without having to purchase a full airbag system. The changeover takes about 15 minutes; detailed instructions are included in the user manual. ARVA Reactor avalanche airbag backpacks without the airbag system are available for purchase. The ARVA Reactor airbag system is only compatible with ARVA Reactor backpacks.